TPMS Module Replacement

If only it were that simple, Paul. On our cars, this would cover up a large part of the dashboard as almost all vehicle data and messages are displayed on a screen in the middle of the instrument cluster.

Really?? Over one light?

Guess I need to see a dash from one!

Yeah, its not really a light so much as a full graphic of a car showing which tires are experiencing PSI issues.

…MagicMarker on the display, over the tires?


Haha Paul.
Unfortunately my better half says “No freakin’ way” she is accepting either fix recommendation.
Like Brett says,it is about 1/3 of the instrument cluster affected

To close out my TPMS issue post, I need to update. Couple months after TPMS random light issues, the car developed issue with needing new engine ECU.
New ecu fixed the TPMS problem. Go figure!?!

Brett - Thanks for your description of how to remove a front seat. I too have a flaky TPMS module in my 2010 XF Supercharged that I plan to replace. A couple of quick questions about the process - do I need to disconnect the battery to avoid an airbag going off in my face if I mess something up and do I have to physically remove the seat - is it sufficient to just tilt it back to get at the module? Once again thanks for the great description.

Glad you got some use out of my write up.

I didn’t disconnect my battery, but it doesn’t hurt if it makes you a bit uneasy.

It may be possible to do the job with the seat tilted, but it would be very difficult. Not to mention, you certainly don’t want to tear or scratch your interior upholstery. You’ll need good access to everything under the seat, so I would suggest removing it.

Good luck with it!

Brett - Your description of how to replace the TPMS module was spot on for my 2010 Supercharged XF. I did not remove the seat completely only tilted it back - it would have been easier with it out but I was alone and did not want to wrestle it out by myself. I did not disconnect the battery and had no problem. At first I was a little confused because there are two other modules under there that do not look like the TPMS module. Once I realized it was under the ducting it was all good. The error message I was getting was the image of the car with each of the wheels lighting up in turn endlessly. My Jag mechanic tested each wheel and said they were all reporting correctly so it must be the module. Once I installed the new used module it took about three days for the warning message to change to a simple triangle with the standard error message. I found the used module on line and took a chance on it being functional. I will now try the inflate, deflate, drive around for 10 mins approach to maybe get the module to reset. With a bit of luck I won’t need to visit the dealer with a trunk full of cash to reflash the module. Maybe it works as is because its a used module. Anyhow I can now take out the drivers seat and replace the Bluetooth module that has also died. I have to tell you that finding a used Bluetooth module in the US was impossible - had to get one in from the UK - its taking forever to get here. As an aside for some reason there are lots of these modules available in Lithuania - they must be wrecking a lot of Jag’s over there. Once again thanks for the excellent description.

Glad to hear it went smoothly. You’ll have to let us know if everything functions correctly without the reflash once you’ve put a few miles on it.

Thanks for the detailed write-up OP. :slight_smile:

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Strangely I had a tyre pressure management system fault. It turned out to be a double usb adapter plugged into the lighter socket under the armrest. This signalled the tpms to display faults. Removed the adapter, problem gone! Might help to try this before ripping out seats and stuff

I am sure this thread is still a problem looking for solutions. Thank you Brett for the excellent HowTo on the TPMS module. This is entirely necessary since Jaguar USA is no longer servicing vehicles over 10 years old. Their reasoning is that with EVs taking over everything and the expense of running repair shops with capable technicians who need access to diagnostics and special tools, it is no longer interesting to repair the old ones. Even refused to change my oil! Main dealer in Richmond. So why am I writing? I cannot work out the correct designation on the module. There seem to be a few available all with the moniker 09-15 which seems to be the years of the XF covered but the module that should fit my little beauty is not the same as the one Brett is using. Anyone give me the codes or some way to identify the right one?
One more thing, my 09 was one of the first to the USA so the lads on the line made sure that there were a few bolts in rattling good places that cost a fortune to fix. So most of the front has been out a few times. However they could not guarantee the part number for the module when I asked them last week and of course I was politely shown the door when the discussion came up on getting the PROM flashed.

Do you have a picture of your TPMS module, specifically the sticker with the details? That might help us figure out which one would work for you.

Hi Brett,
Thank you for the response. Quite a few people answered with general information and opinions. Your reply was the helpful one I was hoping for. The part as supplied by Jaguar is TPMS module C2Z1523 for my 2009 XF V8. They added that the part cannot be installed without flashing it using the Jaguar Diagnostics System on my car. A second hand unit is therefore useless since of course it would be different vehicle identity. The rest of this reply is going to send you to sleep I suspect, but for my own benefit, here goes.

I am upset with Jaguar. In effect and without notice Jaguar USA has with immediate effect reduced the value of all cars pre-2010. Who wants a premium car which without its diagnostic system cannot be kept on the road? There is also an important point here which is that Jaguar USA has left it up to the individual dealerships to make their own decisions about continuing with their subscription to pay for the Jaguar Diagnostics or just junk the lot. Into that decision is woven the profitability of the workshops and system subscriptions, special tools and training. They can save a lot of money if they just wait for EV’s to conquer the market with 90% of support on the software side and bodywork, brakes and tire rotation on the mechanical side as the only required services. If the motors or batteries on an EV go wrong it’s just Plugnplay. The replaced part goes straight in the recycling bin. In other words a money machine rather than the present nightmare that owning a dealership has become.
My own dealer decided that the only way to sell the dealership was to gratefully accept the possibility of refusing any further service. Thus on a sliding scale from the arbitrary 2010 cut-off they adopted, anyone with a vehicle, say from 2015 has better be paying attention when they are considering the purchase or sale of a car. To be honest I think that the dealers will apply the cut-off on an even more onerous level applying a simple ten-year scale, making cars built just five years ago unserviceable by 2025. If I was ready to trade in or sell my Jaguar built in 2015 and then informed that it was not worth more than its scrap value I would be less than pleased. But that is how it is going to be unless the policy is revised and ameliorated somehow. Consider what that will do to the trade-in value of all ICE Jaguars in the showrooms at present.
I don’t know if it is general knowledge but in Europe the “E” directives do not allow manufacturers to simply cast aside the manufacturer liability involved in the production of an inherently dangerous mechanical product, which is how automobiles are classified. This means that in Europe neither Jaguar nor its dealers can set arbitrary limits on their support of Jaguar cars. The manufacturer’s liability remains for anything that is on the car. I can sympathise with the irritation that this will cause the Indian owners of Jaguar facing the choice of lower profitability or maintaining customer service. Involving as it will the likely cost of maintaining two separate support systems, one for dealers in Europe and one for North America. But realistically speaking they have probably already decided on the question and we are dealing with the grisly reality.

Are you sure this is the correct part number? I would expect it to start with 4R83.

I’m not sure if it is valid but I began to wonder if Bluetooth may be a problem here. I have never had any update on the TPMS module so if there was a problem it would not have been solved since the car was purchased. When I look at how the TPMS is reporting with intermittent and changing signals it is typical of an interference pattern. Bluetooth introduced frequency hopping in 2009 and it still can be a problem in other areas.
I have turned off Bluetooth on my phone and the problem with the TPMS module has disappeared. May be coincidence but when I turned it back on the problem came back. I guess we’ll see how it goes.
Iain Waye

Goodness me I seem to have touched a sore spot. The Jaguar Forum has banned me from the website officially because they have denounced me as a spambot disseminating dangerous propaganda or more likely because apart from trying to solve my TPMS issue, I criticised the Jaguar policy of not offering service for vehicles over ten years old. I was surprised. By the way the actual mechanism used to throw me off the site was to accuse me of being an AI spambot. Wonders never cease and a warning to us all. Don’t criticise political leaders or carmakers.

Since I am reading this here, I assume you’re referencing the UK Jag forum?

In boradly general terms, I think your observations above are fairly accurate.

I think I must have got onto the Jaguar Forum USA. They are less amenable in questions of dissent here. Got to get back to the UK but until the end of the year am stuck. However. I did get finally find a solution to the TPMS problem after about a year of searching so I must not be too critical.
It turns out for whatever reason that Bluetooth version 3 I think released in 2009 had a frequency hopping security feature that under certain conditions seems to drive the TPMS module nuts. I turned off Bluetooth on my Iphone and the problem went away! So result.
Also it is the first time I have been called intelligent - someone on the USA Jaguar board left a message saying I was an AI bot. A badge I shall wear with distinction. Many thanks to everyone on Jag-lovers because without you I would not have finally managed to get this issue settled on my much-loved XF, owned and coddled from new.
Iain Waye

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