Transmission Dip Stick

So I’m definitely getting a leak from my transmission dip stick. I didnt have this problem beforehand though its possible the transmission had been low when I got the car. There are two notches on the dipstick. Do these reference normal and low or max and min? I will say, I am missing the felt washer that sticks on the bottom. Functionality I can’t image this would stop any leaking, but I have one on order. Anyone with any similar experiences or lessons learned?

I think you meant the felt washer that is on the handle.
This should stop your leaking, if you have the right dip stick.
The two notches are full and low.
At full the oil should cover the gears on the lower shaft.


Yes the felt washer on the handle. That looks like my dip stick. I’ll give it a try and see if it stops.


When the gears are spinning the oil is spraying inside the case, without the felt seal you will have leakage.

I never changed the felt on my longer overdrive dipstick. I couldn’t immediately see a way of getting it off, or a new one on. Anybody done this?

Wondering if we are talking about the same thing? Maybe Moss has the wrong part called out? Looks like it slips on the end?

It’s part number 8 in that diagram, in two parts. I can’t see how you would get that past the full diameter metal part of the dipstick, as felt doesn’t really stretch. Does the dipstick come apart?

The dipstick does not come apart easily. So we have to guess how they put it together in the first place.
It appears to me that the 3/16" shaft is a press fit into the handle parts, but the top end of it is mashed out a little bit.
So it may be possible to press it apart, put on the felt, and press it together again.

The felt measures a little over 13/16" OD, 3/4" long, and (without removing it) about 7/16" ID. It does appear to be one piece, not two pieces.

The conical one would be for the engine dip stick.

Hi Rob,

I think it the knob may unscrew from the bottom part. I can unscrew it about 3/4 turn before it becomes stiff - and I don’t want to break what isn’t broken!

The peened over part in the top of the know rotates with it, so I think this may be how the top half of the felt bobbin is attached to the knob and this is threaded into the corresponding bottom half.

I can also see that there are two stacked felt washers.


Well done, Clive, you are absolutely right.
The shaft is threaded, and the top end is mooshed down a little bit, so the parts don’t unscrew easily.
I put it in a copper jaw vise and unscrewed the knob a bit with rubber tipped angle pliers. I could feel it was threads. It was a bit tight at first, but the threads overcame the mooshed end.
Once I got the knob off I filed the end so the stepped washer came off all right.
And it was indeed two felts. So the Moss part looks correct.

Wasn’t there a song…
Who put the dip in the dip dee dip dee stick
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Thanks for that Rob, now I have the that song going over & over in my head🤪 and also for the dip dee dip stick information.

Ah, another mystery solved! Well done that man.

I had no idea it was like this. It was not abundantly obvious until seeing Rob’s picture. Thanks Clive and Rob!

The curse of being a musician, I’ve always got some silly tune rolling around in my head.
I think that if possible it would be better to try to grind off a little bit of the shaft end down in the handle, if you can get a die grinder tip in there, before trying to unscrew it.
The thread is #2-BA, which is almost the same as #10-32 UNF, in case you need to chase the first couple of threads with a die.