Transmission not changing gear

Transmission not changing gear drives well, as well as it not changing it seems to have a bit of a clunk when put in reverse.

Hi Peter and welcome to the forums, just for clarification can you confirm which ‘S’ Type you are talking about, is it the early 1960’s or the modern

It’s the modern s type. And thanks for the reply. When something happens like this and I’ve had literally no one to turn too it’s been really hard. Appreciate it any one could help in recognizing my problem for me. Thanks

Ok sounds like it is in limp home mode, have you tried doing a hard reset? Disconnect the battery leads and hold them together for about 30 seconds then reconnect and see if the problem goes away.

Would be useful for you to update your Jag-Lovers info with your location and the year and model of car(s) you are dealing with as this provides useful background info for replies to posts.

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Not yet but I shall certainly try one step forward is better then no steps . Thanks I will keep you and the forum updated

Hello. You need to provide the details of your car. The early s-types had different transmissions than the later ones.

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