Transmission re-build on a 120

I need a rebuild on my 1954 ots transmission. New to this forum-would like help on finding a reputable source to do the work.

Welcome Ed. Since this is a global forum, it would be helpful to know what country, state, etc you are located in.

Located in New York along the Hudson river valley.

John at, plus Joe at Both are great guys with tons of experience. JS

Welcome Ed. What is wrong with your trans? What is your skill level? I feel they are not all that difficult. If you can do an engine you can do a trans. Plenty of good advice to be found with this group.

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Welcome Ed. As said, not hard but I get it if you’d rather spend your time on parts you know you can deal with.

This is a great place to get the help you need. Stick around and don’t be shy about searching the archives (magnifying glass). Often you;ll get more info more quickly there first.

I’m restoring a '53 OTS. Post pics of your progress. We like pictures, it motivates some of the slugs here. :joy:

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… I resemble that comment.


You aren’t the slug I was referring to.

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I bought the car in 1960, got married in 1963, put the car in the family barn and started raising a family. Started work on it in the late 80’s and ran up against college tuition.Fast forward-started engine rebuild last fall, almost complete, most of suspension and brake work is done and am now looking forward to transmission. I know I want to replace the seals but have little information on how the rest of the transmission looks. I know I drove it into a the barn and remember the the shifting was getting a little harsh, but that said, memory fades after 45 years. As far as skill level-I guess it is alright-just not up to date on Jaguar transmissions I used to teach auto mechanics years ago-I guess I am just dated.

Front and rear shaft seals are pretty straightforward. Harsh shifting could be just from wrong oil, as often shops not familiar with British cars mistakenly put in SAE 90 gear lube instead of SAE 30 motor oil.
Do you have the Service Manual? Is the gearbox out of the car?

The answer to both is yes!

Great! Drain the oil and smell it. 90 has a characteristic smell. Take the top off and have a look inside. You can post pictures on here, we’d love to see them.

I have quite a few JL and JK boxes from early MKVII

but apart from that, I have a box from a MKIX, partly dismantled, and with a box of spare gears
(looks like the PO got in well over his head !)

It has been in my head to see if I can put it back together, and work out what the spare gears are for

I would need some advice from this forum, I have the requisite Parts and Service Manual

if it is no good, I will need to dispose of it one way or other

would it be of interest starting a separate thread ?

even if there is a few parts that help someone else out, I would hate to throw them away