Trip computer reset


is it possible to only set the distance to 0 on the trip computer?
if I press reset longer than 5 seconds then everything (range, trip, fuel,) is reset.

I don’t really want that.

Many greetings

Stojan …

According to the white XJ6 driver’s handbook you can either press the M/C button which as you mentioned resets everything or …

Press the DIST button 2 times. This will give you the distance traveled since the last reset.

It appears those are the only options fo the distance.

Hi. and thank you for your answer. which is the M / C button? if I press DIST twice it doesn’t change … I think I’m too stupid


Maybe try pressing CLEAR when the trip is displayed? I never use the display for trips so no real idea, maybe I’m stupid too!
I only look at my fuel consumption which is generally a


I’m fairly sure its a global reset.

with RESET everything is deleted. would just like to reset to 0 after refueling

Here’s what the owner’s manual says …

The M/C button (Memory/Clear) is used to reset all function displays to zero. It’s located right below the VCM button on the far left side of the control panel. On later model cars it’s labeled “Reset”.

thanks for the information. but I can only set all values ​​to 0 with the Clear key? normal as with any other vehicle only to set the DIST display to 0 does not work?

Hello Stojan - when you refuel, the computer will reset the “new” estimated distance the vehicle has until the next refuel suggested, as computated by the amount of distance last travelled versus the average usage of fuel per distance (miles or kilometers) - this is viewed by the first press of the DISTance button; try pressing the DISTance button a second time, then press the “CLEAR” button - this should allow for a reading of the ongoing distance being traveled during this new refill; pressing the DISTance button a third time only tells you the cumulative miles since last reset - this could be used for a long trip measurement having multiple refills - a fourth depress should be the same as the first depress - this is my understanding of the operation - try this and see if this is what you expected - Tex Terry, II - 199a XJS V12 Classic Coupe, 1986 XJS V12 Coupe - sent 11/12/2020 2133hrs. EST USA.

EDIT: I make mention above to the “CLEAR” button, NOT the “RESET” button - these are different functions.