Trunk banjo fittings and washers

I have the aluminium washers for the trunk tank and bulkhead washers. Are they reusable? Or do I need to source new?

iirc I used some old ones from the carb kits I’ve got laying around no leaks

I know that the copper ones will harden from being used so they don’t “crush” a second time and will leak. I don’t know if the Aluminum ones do the same thing or not. They are pretty cheap so it might be worth the price to just get new ones.

I think they harden even more but a one time reuse should be fine. I reused the ones on the float bowl connection when I cleaned the filter and these don’t leak at all.

I would definitely replace and tighten very well. I don’t think the rear bulkhead fitting is very accessible once the IRS is installed.

Oh…sh** !!! Was there a washer on the suspension side? I was talking about the banjo to the fitting in the trunk.

It’s been 22 years since I saw that connection on my '64 so I may be getting senile but I know the rear end of that long run has to terminate somehow at the metal fitting that passes through the boot floor. I thought it was with a banjo bolt.

The fitting under the car is a flare. The fitting inside the boot is a banjo.

It’s a compression fitting and might even be accessible with the IRS in place but it’s hidden in a pocket

What ever you try make sure make sure it’s clean
You can pressurize the line with air and brush soapy water on it

Is that also the case for the earlier Tygon line? I recall hammering fittings into line but I thought they were all banjo type.

I meant to annotate my photo as being from a series 2, with steel line under the car, but forgot. I don’t know if the earlier cars are similar

1965 is similar - earlier cars I don’t know.