Trying to locate friends XKE

Hello all,
My friend sold his E type in Colorado in 1980, and he asked me to post a request here to try and find if it is still around.
It is a 1964 roadster, color red when sold, VIN # 878993
Any information at all about it is appreciated.
Thank you

Apparently now in Germany, or at least was in Germany and for sale 15 years ago.

Thank you very much for the quick response!

Likely was one of my customers!

You or your friend should go on xkedata and put in the info that you all know about the history of the car if you can.

68 E-type FHC

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Sure would like to know what happened to my 69 E type,
Chassis 4R38228, or Car #PIR42655
Sold it in 2001
Many thanks, Walter


As mentioned above, look for it via this link:


Thanks GARY I will.