Type III E type for sale

(Gary Boehm) #1

A couple of days ago I looked at a pretty together '73 XKE with a GM v6 and auto trans

The asking price is 25,000 but nothing that rolls is worth 25, to me anyways.

I offered her 10.

I would like her to sell it and it is worth more than the 10 I offered.

I was thinking someone here might be interested.

The seats were not bolted in so it gave me an easy look that the metal under them.

There is no rust on the car, front floor or under or behind the the seats.

The rear, under the rear hatch looks good as does the suspension.

The install looks complete and well done.

She didn’t know if it ran or if her father did the install.

The engine mounts look professionally manufactured.

On a side note they are metal bolted to the engine then also bolted to the frame, 'no rubber involved.

The engine and trans look clean - It has the newer (to me) large distributor cap that I hold as meaning it’s the HE type ignition.

The front suspension is all cleaned up with no grease maybe hiding surprises and such.

I know there is square tubing framework in front of the firewall on these cars and it looks nice, with no welding or kinks in it, again all clean and visible.

The New Upholster mentioned in the ad could have been done nicer, it is new but the ‘turns in the stitching’ are not as nice as I’d like. The windshield is cracked (and out of the car)

I told her to advertise this on the Reno and San Diego Craig’s List, that it was the kind of car someone wanting one would drive or fly to see.

Originally she just had the one pic showing 4 shots of the car. I told her to post more. These are what are now in the ad.

The car is in Redding, California - USA