Tyres yet again

I need to replace two tyres on my XJS. Are the Falken 225/60 15 still thought to be good? Can you change two of them leaving 215/70s on the other two tyres?

Jim Brighton UK 1984 XJSC 3.6L

I had Falkens in my Mercedes and I was quite happy with them, albeit they wore a bit fast.

But I think it’s going to look awkward as the 215/70s will be 30mm taller than the 225/60 but narrower.

I’ve had a couple sets of Falkens. No complaints in terms of quality or performance. One set was quite noisy, though. I can’t remember the specific model.


If you want more aggressive tires (low/wide), do as Jag did: go 235 60 15. If buying 2, put on rears. Also more or less keep spedo in calibration. I ain’t anti -Falkens, but can say my Cooper Cobras # 235 60 15 work well on my 92.

I think different tire sizes will detract from the appearance

Must admit, I am a tyre snob, not sure about the tyre sizes you are seeking, but if you want some handling , performance , quiet smooth ride I had just installed a set of Continentals and realized this was the XJ-S ride and performance I was looking for.
I probably over pay for all my tyres.

Can I ask what size and model Contis?

Sorry John, I was trying to make a suggestion for a tyre that would fit your rim size and driving needs.
I upgraded my rims to 17” as I found the stock rims and tyres were a little rolly poly getting on the on ramps. I probably drive a little more aggressive than some on the website so I like to have a good all round speed rated tyre in different weather conditions (rain not snow).
I installed a set of Conti’s Extreme Contact that are 235 X 50 X 17 based also on Bernard Embdens recommendations to keep the speedo close as well.
It’s a nice balance of ride and handling. Could not be happier.
As a footnote I’ve run Pirellis, Dunlops and every thing else.
If you can find them in your rim size , I would highly recommend.

Thanks - will check to see if they’re available for 16s :+1:

In the UK, the only tyres available with the speed rating W are the Falkens 225/60. So if you think the W speed rating is important, it’s Hobson’s choice!

Do you mean the only Falkens, there are other brands with W rating in that size.

The Xj-s 3.6 has a top speed of 144 Mph, so a V rated tyre is sufficient.

As the car came with W rated tyres - although V rated would appear to be good enough. I thought it best to stick with it. What other brands are there and are they available in the 215/70 size?

Certainly, Continental, probably others.

V rated tyres are rated to 149 Mph, so suitable for your car and should ride a little better.

Does the owners manual specifically state W rating?
I suspect Jaguar harmonised the tyres to obtain the best prices, or for ease of manufacturing.

In the U K, I haven’t been able to find any V or W rated tyres in the 215/70 15 size. Falkens are available in the 225/60 size rated W. Even they are difficult.

Continental 225/60-15 W rated All Tyres » FREE DELIVERY » Oponeo.co.uk
Wouldn’t 215/65-15 be a better rolling radius match than 215/70-15?

225/60-15 has sidewall height of 135mm
215/65-15 has sidewall height of 140mm
215/70-15 has sidewall height of 150mm.

215/70-15 is a van tyre size.

Thanks, that looks a better size. The 225/60-15 has RR of 1350mm & so is 3.3% smaller than the 215/70.

There Is a tyre called 215/65R15 DYNAMO STREET-H MH01 96V at £83 with a V rating, has anyone heard of them?

I’ve looked around the U K market for 215/65R15 (about 3% smaller than 215/70) with a speed rating of V or better. Roadx & Dynamo offer 215/65 tyres V rated at about £80 fitted.

Vredestein has 215/70 ZR15 W rated at about £400. I believe both Roadx & Dynamo are Chinese made. Dynamo seems to get good ratings from people who use them on taxis, Roadx is rather new. I couldn’t find any Continental tyres.

As Pirelli made the tyres specially for Jaguar, I’m sure they chose W rated so they can be used on both the V12 and sixes.

your alt tire size is 235 60 15. I looked into speed rated-and cheap Fairoads, but declined as I don’t trust a China tire for extended over a buck and a quarter. See above post.

These cars were originally fitted with V-rated tires, not W.

I don’t think the W rating even existed at the time. I think it was introduced in 1991 when the ratings system was modified.

The definition of the V-rating has changed a couple times over the decades. If you do some digging it gets a bit confusing! For most of us it’s academic.


If you have deep pockets and like the classic look you can still get the XWX Michelins in the 215/70x15 size

Blockley also has a performance-oriented offering


I have Blockleys on my TR6, FWIW, and am very happy