Ultra low mileage XJ12C

This should set a new benchmark price for one of these…might have been better on BAT though:

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Only $24.000 USD so far?

I would never sell my European spec manual XJ6C for even double that amount!

Really good XJ coupés fetch ca €50.000,- euros. Sad ones €10-€20k.


“Made in Coventory:” I clearly recall that on the data plate.


If ONLY it were a manual!

Anyone interested, I’ll be happy to inspect it.

Wow look at the story on that car!
I love it, I wonder how the seals held up with only 4,000 miles?
Nice car very UNDER APPRECIATED in the States.

Oops, didn’t notice that :thinking:
Looks like @j_limongelli is keen :wink:

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i like it! just not in my budget. will be watching! thx for posting!

Very sad. Impossible to drive long and hard without shedding value by the yard.

Plus points:
Somehow it escaped the US-fitted rubbing strips and drilled bodywork.
It would be a good concours reference if anyone was into that.

Minus points:
Would reduce rather than augment value by modifying to prettier Euro/RoW spec (front and rear lamps & turn signals, bumpers, bonnet hinges, etc.). Even then you’d have a low-comp US smog engine. I like ‘improving’ Series XJs but with this one I’m have pay 3-4 times the price to avoid changing anything, including the odometer reading.

Nah, even if I hadn’t already off-loaded my last XJ12 and spares, I wouldn’t suit such a nice car if I could only parade it. A very different kind of owner would love it I guess.

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There are people who value originality and low mileage, and are willing to pay to maintain both. I’m not one of them.


Im two: cars are meant to be driven and that’s what I’d with this one.

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Very poor write-up. First off, Jaguar is built in Coventory?!

He makes sure to say it’s not a sedan. Yes, its a rare coupe. That’s what the C stands for in XJ12C. But then says it was the only sedan to have a V12? But its a coupe. And didnt the XJ12 Sedan have a V12? And of course can’t say it was the only Coupe with a V12…the XJ-S.

Whoever is selling this classic doesn’t know much about it.

I’d be a bit worried about ultra low mileage, actually. Seals are probably hard as a rock?


Not a chance, the factory only made four manual XJ12C’s, the 1976-77 race cars, aka Broadspeed coupés.

Of course there are some that have been converted by PO’s, like the one in ”Harry’s Garage”. (Youtube)

And Dönni had recently for sale TWO factory original manual 4-speed XJ-S’s. :+1:


I‘m 24 but despite the age difference I also think that way. Good to see not all faith is lost in the young generations.

This car will be perfect in twenty years. Perfect to sit in and make engine noises. But for driving?
Many sellers are clueless and the ad is aimed at the American market anyways. I wonder if it will sell and what the reserve is…

The broadspeed coupes are awesome. Also quite brutal… I did get a chance to sit in it and make engine noises :grinning:

The bumpers are ugly and having a moral responsibility to keep them would be too much for me.