Unable reset check engine light

Hi Everybody
I’m unable to reset check engine light on '98 x308,
The car has timing related issues and codes in the past but i have fixed front end complete with guides and chains etc and than proceeded to reset the light with the torque app, Now i have no stored codes, no freeze frames, monitors are ready and no other issues, driven car for more than 1000km, did few hard resets (battery), tried jaguar specific obd scanners but the light stays on till i start the engine, once started MIL disappears
Any idea what is missing?

I hate to sound like a broken record…How many miles are on the 1998?
Pete C, hold on tight :slight_smile:

The light is SUPPOSED to stay on until the engine is started!!
Many lights remain lit until the engine is started as a ‘bulb-test’.

If you continue to ‘clear all DTCs’ or disconnect the battery, you will need to perform all ‘readiness-tests’ to change the P1000 to P1111.


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Bob, you are absolutely right, i just have looked at bunch of youtube videos and it looks like in all healthy car cases light stayed lit till car has been started, i guess i’ve been too paranoid trying to wrap my head around the non-issue but you guided me in the right direction :slight_smile: