Unable to make a Paypal donation

When I try to make a donation to the site I get a message saying I can’t make a donation from this country, or words to that effect.

pay Pal has been glitching badly with NZ & Aus lately, ask admin for the site email & then “send money” to their email

Hi Kevin,

Were you trying to donate via PayPal?

[ @Nick; can you provide the PayPal email for J-l? ]

Yes, via Paypal.

Can you screenshot and share the exact messages you are getting from Paypal?

Not using Paypal per se, as I have no balance and rarely use it, but I do believe I have donated using this process previously.

The PayPal email is “donate (at) jag-lovers.org” (notice, it’s the dot org address)

I can’t see any way in which we deny donations from any geographic region.

No luck there either.

No idea what may be going on, sorry.

Unless your card isn’t opened for certain regional use? Might try a different card.

is there an email account for jaglovers associated with pay pal so kevin can make a donation to an email account directly, that should work

That is the address given above. You can’t send to an email account, the email address is the identifier of the recipient. I don’t think this is either a Jag-lovers or Paypal problem.

I think Robin Oconnor is having the same issue.

it’s a pay pal problem but jaglovers has to have an email address withing it’s account with pay pal regardless if it’s a basic or business account if collecting money from people, should be able to use that registered email to send money to

How do you do that,though? It’s just an email address, not a link to a portal. It doesn’t direct you to anywhere to make a payment.

Right I just tried a small donation ($2.00NZ) however the paypal charge to do the transaction was NZ$2.05 so it is possible from NZ but it would be best to do a lump sum rather than a monthly amount. I might try making the donation as a family transaction and see if that changes the charges.
Ok NZ$100 only incurs a small increase in the Paypal fee ($3.xx)

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you log into your pay pal account, select> send money then you enter their email address that’s associated with pay pal, enter the amount you want to send & complete the transaction, they will get notice from pay pal that they have received monies…that’s it

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Sorted, thanks.
Looks like user error :slightly_frowning_face:

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