Unable to open doors

I have a 1991 Jaguar XJS V12 convertible and am unable to open either of the doors from the outside, the passenger door has been like it for some time but could open it from the inside, now the drivers door has gone the same way I am essentially locked out of the car, any ideas how I can get in so I can remove the door panels and fix this problem, the handle just moves up with no resistance it is nothing to do with the lock so the remote key (which I don’t have) will not help. Guess I could call AAA

If you can’t get in, do you have a Jimmy Stick/Slim Jim?

Well luckily for me the passenger decided to open half way and with a bit of poking around I got it to fully open, removed the catch on the door jam so I can keep it from closing, now have to fix the problem with the handle, doors open fine from the inside so it is just the door handle that is causing the problem. I have trim removal tools but door panel seems quite complicated to remove. I have a workshop manual so will attempt to fix this problem, any tips would be gratefully received. If I can’t do it myself, then back to the mechanic!

Spray some WD40 into the Key holes, the locks could be gummed up.
I had the same problem and the WD40 did the trick

I am afraid WD 40 did not work for me, but I have secured two replacement door handles, I do not know if that is the problem, guessing it is but I will have rare replacements if not needed. I have a good mechanic friend coming to dive in the problem with me. High maintenance car, high driving experience!

Haven’t been watching this. I recall a past post about removing the
door mirror & activating the locking rods, check the archives.

Jim XJSC 3.6 Manual 1984

Well my buddy came today and put his scope in and saw that the rod has come unattached from the handle, so on Wednesday we are going to take the door panel off and fix it. I purchased 2 handles from eBay in case I needed them so I will have spares

All the rods have safety locks to where they attach for this exact reason.
Either they are broken/missing, or someone left them unlocked.
You can see them at the lock bracket, upper right at the photo.

Door handles and locks are so smooth now, my buddy did a complete overhaul of them, glad I bought the used handles from an eBay seller, though I did not need them they had all the clips and bits of hardware he needed. He replaced the screw holding the arm rest with a bolt so you don’t need to pull the chrome bit at the end over the armrest (which is hard to do as the arm rest swells with age).