Undedash panels fixing

I have a 61 mk2 which was missing both under dash closing panels which I have purchased from Aldridge but they come with no fixings and no holes in them to show how they are fixed. Does anyone have photos taken from underneath to show where fixing screws or supporting brackets if there are such things should go. Parts book seems to suggest two different size screws with possibly cup washers but I can’t see where they go.

These photos are from our '63 MK2 Auto Transmission equipped car.

I hope this answers your questions.

BTW…The ancillary switch located on the driver’s side panel is for manual control of the Auxiliary Enrichment Device on the front carburetor. I installed this to override the otter switch to facilitate hot day starts.


Thanks Brian, that’s perfect, I hope my car looks as good as yours. I too will add the switch.