Under diff exhaust for lumps

Looking for opinions and feedback on running 2 1/4 or 2 1/2" exhaust under the rear diff instead of through the cage. I’ve also seen oval cross section exhaust bits which could be an option. Anyone have actual personal experience with this?

I think they will be too low and close to the ground.


Way back when, i recall a past lister demonstarted the system he designed and instaled. an XJS “lumped” by jaguar - specialties. Rob Wade was his name. Based in toronto. Competed in drag racing the Jaguar.


Yes Carl, I’ve seen a few cars done this way including the $150k xjc that sold last year. Andrew told me on the phone that they do them this way and it works very well, and he’s in the business. But also he has two nice coupes and I do value his opinion, but I was hoping there were some fellow listers here that may actually have some real time experience also.

i ran 2 1/2" under the diff on my lump. gotta go slow over speed bumps. no big complaints. no more jacking it up the rear with a jack under the diff.
wasn’t much other option for a decent pipe. didn’t want side pipes

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Thanks Jay :+1:

i’ll try and get a pic of it posted

Please do, much appreciated

Mate has a 6.3 Lister Jag XJS with the flash exhaust ,12000 GBP worth many years ago IIRC. That had the pipes flattened to rectangular to go beneath the cage.

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Excellent Kevin, thanks. They make oval cross section stainless pipe that I was thinking of using at the diff.