Undesirable condensation

I have an 03 V-8, S-type Sedan. As shown in the photos, I have condensation forming on the outside of my windshield through the defroster vents. When the photos were taken, the A/C system was in “Auto” mode, the outside temp was 78 F with the interior settings at 77 and 76 F. I have tried various mode settings to eliminate the situation to no avail. I have replaced the outside incoming air filter.

Can anyone advise what is causing this situation? And how to eliminate the problem.

Thank you in advance for your comments.

Ron W.

The windshield gets too cold and either the defrost position is broken (faulted to open) or on or it is the humidity. My bmw is never changed in summer and sometimes this happens, sometimes not. Turning the AC off would help in a pinch but is not a solution.