Unknown Flywheel and Clutch

Is a Tilton 3 plate clutch suitable for a street car?
Is this flywheel suitable for a street car? Any idea who made it? Seems to be mostly aluminum. These parts came with an abandoned XJ12C project car I now have. Trying to see what in the parts bins is usable in a manual transmission swap.

No suitable for street use, in my opinion. Multi disc racing clutches work like ON/OFF switches. There is no accommodation for smooth take-off from rest. When you see racers spin the tires leaving a pit stop they do it because it’s the only way to move the car without stalling. They are also extremely short lived. Slip the clutch once or twice and the discs and steels are toast.

I guess that means the flywheel is useless too, because the contact area is very small to match the 7.5” clutch. :confused:

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Yes, very difficult to drive and suitable only for a race car.

But not worthless. Tilton multi-disc racing clutches were top-shelf stuff. I’m sure it would draw interest on eBay.