Unloading torsion bars

Not sure if I actually came up with something new but I want to share it because today it worked well for me. I just got started on my winter project ,which is replacing the front suspension bushing, and I’ve always been uncomfortable unloading the torsion bars. After some thought I decided to install a turnbuckle which had the same range of the dimension of the shock absorber under full load of the vehicle and the “torsion bar setting tool” (17 13/16"). With the car on the ground I removed the shocks and installed the turnbuckles using the existing bolts and “shock absorber lower sleeve”. Lifted the car , extended the turnbuckles to 15.5" (shock absorber extended length) removed the top ball joint and extended the turnbuckle 'till loose and removable.
The whole process felt much safer.
McMaster Carr part # 2999T54.

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That’s a very smart solution, Mark. It should really pay dividends when you reattach the ball joint.


I hope you didn’t extend the turnbuckle beyond the length of the extended shock absorber, without first disconnecting the tie rod end. If you did, you may have damaged the steering.


Very nice Mark, but not new to some of us. I’ve been using a very similar set up to unload TB’s and wrote an article about “how to” for the Jag of Mi. newsletter at least 20 years ago.
Plymouth, Mi.

Thank you David , very true, I forgot to mention it but they were disconnected as well.


Thank you John and Robert. “Give the hardest job the laziest (or most scared) man and he’ll figure out an easier way to do it”. :wink:


Mark, many thanks for posting this procedure which looks nice and safe. It’s very timely for me because one of my next jobs on my S2 is the replace both top and bottom ball joints.


I just noticed your White Terrazzo floor !!! You certainly keep a nice workshop. May try your turnbuckles when i do my bars. thank you

Thank you.
“U-Coat” system with 2 coats of clear. 4 years and holding up well.

Thank you for this info ! I’m going to be pulling the engine and torsion bars…and this looks like the safest way to unload those bad boys. Ordered the pair of turnbuckles today !
Harold '65 Jag XKE OTS