Upgraded brakes

Has anyone upgraded their factory F-Type brakes? I’m looking for a set that are best for both street and high performance driving on track days.

Interesting. Do you know if any 3rd party alternatives are available, or would it have to be Jaguar original? Is/was the F-Type available with ceramic brakes?

There are a lot of discussions on < JaguarForums.com >. Many after market brands are mentioned with good and bad recommendations. Also, many drivers that drive their F-Types on High Performance Track days feel that the OEM brakes are fine. And, since I may or may not track my F-Type again due to the unrealistic sound limit at Laguna Seca, I’ll probably stick with the OEM product as I haven’t really had a problem with them other than wearing them out too fast. That’s probably more my fault than the brake manufacturers.

A consensus from the likes of Davy Jones and Roberto Guerrero was that the upgraded OEM brakes on my F-Type were good enough, and the ceramic ones while better, were not worth the extra costs. They’ve seen me drive on the track….

Did they say anything about you wearing the brakes out?


On todays F TYPE, I really REALLY cant see what more you would need.
I had a couple of the various models for testing and feed back.
Your pinky toe pressing the pedal TOO hard puts your face in the windscreen, what more can you need?
On my 720s , some wanted to do the same?
The car goes 0 to 100 back to 0 in 9 seconds? ish………
Its like flying a jet .

I had to replace my first set of front pads and rotors in Sept 2015 @ 15363 miles and rears in Sept 2018 @ 25648 miles. The second set of front and rear pads and rotors were replaced Feb 2020 @ 32575 miles. The pads were cracked and rotors warped. Probably from overheating (my fault?).

Yep thats what my pads look like after track work on my XJR, VHT painted calipers HA! Changed to a very rusty look after one day.