Upgrading my Exhaust for more Growl

I have a reasonable exhaust fitted on my '72 XKE V12 OTS. It was developed from parts from Welsh and others, mostly made by Bell. They are:

  1. Interpipe (BSJR141, BSJR140)
  2. Exhaust center balance pipe: C34044
  3. Front pipes (BSJR138 & 139)
  4. Center silencer box: BSJR142
  5. Resonator:2302-SS
    And of course the other misc. parts such as clamps, brackets, etc.

What are the best alternatives for a louder, sharper sound?
I have found:

  1. AJ6 Engineering: TT Extractor Super Sports (& the optional “extra silencer” if its just too loud…)
    Note: I emailed them and the owner responded that he is not taking any new orders for a while due to covid & personal reasons. Maybe later but this is iffy at best.
  2. Quicksilver JR022 “Sport System”
  3. Bell JR020, however i thknk this is pretty much the same as the installed exhaust

Are there any other makers of sports exhaust?

Any guidance to what sounds best or any other makers would be welcome!

My friend has system from Classic Fabs in Scotland on his ‘74 and it sounds great.


@Craig_Balzer … just in case you haven’t ordered the exhaust yet!

It does sound great! Not ordered anything. Will look into it! Thanks!

I am always suspicious of vendors that advertise on-line but manage to neglect to list the price.
Like they $ay, if ya gotta a$k . . .


Hi guys
here is my old car which just had the center two mufflers replaced with straight through mufflers, the same size as the originals, with fiberglass packing.
It is a mild steel system with no rear resonators fitted, and no balance pipe. It has been upsized from the original pipe size.
Just be aware that if you open up the breathing you will have to retune the car, depending on how far you go new needles may be required.
Everyone I know loves the sound, and it is not intrusive when cruising.
Oh, and dare I say it, quite cheap to do. The local muffler shop made the 2 center mufflers, and a bit of larger pipe, job done.


If this is not a straight through unit, take a piece of 1/2" steel rod about 3 ft long and hammer it through the silencer from one end to the other.

Hi SV_Jagman,
Just leaving the rear resonator off of your current system I believe will achieve the sound you’re looking for. We have not that long ago finished the restoration of an S3 OTS and did that to achieve the sound the client was after. You then only have to get longer pipes to run from the Front Silencers to the Fan Tail.

Your car being a 72 model, originally had the four outlet Fan Tail. The car we omitted the resonator from also had the four outlet Fan Tail and the attachment to the two pipes was achieved with a branch in each pipe to result in four pipes at the Fan Tail. Of course, if the exhaust you have has the dual outlet Fan Tail, then the job is easier.


Interesting. So referring to the pic of the underside of the car, do I do something to the silencers (2 units towards the front) or to the resonator (marked JR143)?

Andrew seems to favor changing the silencers while Brent favors removing the resonator or at least rendering it ineffective.

Would these changes require re-adjusting the carb mixture?


Hi SV_Jagman,
Your car doesn’t have the correct four outlet Fan Tail, which is effectively a single assemble. Accordingly, you can have the two single pipes from the forward silencers terminate where the four pipes from your current resonator do now, or purchase a dual outlet Fan Tail that is easily attached to the two pipes and at least have it look like an S3 should.

No carburetor mixture change is required.


Any opinion on just eliminating the mufflers and leaving the resonators on a S1?

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I’ll know when the engine starts as I purchased the 304 SS pipes, mufflers, and resonators for my '63 FHC. The mufflers are straight thru from the factory.

What brand mufflers?

SNGB’s P/N BSSJR015SP. That is made by Bell presumably and I’m quite certain it was as there were inspection stickers in the box. We’ll find out within the month what it sounds like. Hopefully.

Yes these straight through pipes look great and they are what is being suggested. Can’t wait to hear back from you about your verdict on what they sound like! Good luck!

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FWIW I have the standard exhaust and IMHO it is loud enough and sounds good on the V12 OTS.

If anything I would like it a bit queiter. :slight_smile: YMMV.


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I agree completely. I suspect the neighbors of most people with cars with loud exhausts do too.

After I got Tweety back on the road, after years and years of dealing with his straight-through, no muffler exhaust, I had to quiet it down a little bit too. The SuperTrapps trips did it just perfectly!

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Let nature take its course, by the time you’re 90 you will be glad you can still hear it :rofl:


Exactly. When posing in an E Type, you should be seen and not heard.