Upholstery differences

Between the 1953 DHC and FHC what are the differences?

Is the carpet set the same?
How are the door panels and other vinyl different?


the question is not as simple as that you would need to quote a chassis number?
120dhc had door pockets early 120fhc didn’t late cars do
carpet remains identical start to finish on both
vinyl remains the same on both
early 120fhc have leather covered dash top dhc is vinyl

Thank you for the quick reply!!!

I was mostly looking for the carpet answer- this is perfect.

My '52 FHC has plain, solid door panels. Can I cheat, and get the later FHC door panels with pockets? What year & when did the door pockets evolve on the FHCs?

not sure of date but certainly later cars had them.
They just go straight on so no mods no nothing smart thing to do