Upper door hinge dr. side xjs 1994 editon 2021

Hi . New here . Read some old posts about upper door hinge . I have a sagging drivers door on my 1994 xjs coupe . I have a suggestion . Maybe it`s stupid , but here it comes . The upper pin is not possible to knock up cause of fender . I thought maybe if i removed door card and the electric cables to get some space , i could knock the pin up some centimeter and cut top of it with airsaw. Then knock the rest off it up . If hinge is ok and only pin is shot , i could knock the new pin from under hinge and up . Securing it with drilling a hole in top and put a split pin through it over a washer . Could this work ?

Well that sounds like a plan! Yes this could work, however you could ease uo the things slightly with 3-axis motorised drilling head. It operates Fanuc and allows you to programme the path of the drilling (milling) head to drift exactly between the obstacles. Last time I saw - NASA was using them, Halliburton makes big versions of those. Worth looking across the Internet…

Alternatively - how about unbolting a fender?

Might work, but in my experience the problem is not the pin, it’s the hole the pin goes through.

There are scads of repair kits for hinges in Fords and Chevys, usually involving drilling out the hole to a larger size and pressing in a bushing. I don’t think any of those kits are just right for the Jaguar XJ-S hinge, but perhaps some can be finagled to work.

Still, I dunno how you’d do it in situ. More’n likely you’re going to have to remove the hinge, which is easier than you might think but still a project. Requires at least two people, methinks, unless you don’t care about your paint job.

Thanks for answer . Read a place that someone was lucky , only pin were defect . But you’re right .

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