Uprated front and rear anti-roll bar drop links

I have designed some uprated front and rear anti-roll bar drop links that I have fitted to both of my XJRs. The front ones work with the standard anti-roll bar. The rear ones are intended to be used with an uprated aftermarket rear anti-roll bar designed for the original XK8 (X100). The rear anti-roll bars can only be fitted to an X300 that has the version of the rear wishbone tie with anti-roll bar mounting points.

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Or you could fabricate an anti roll bar attachment if you happen to have a few of these around the garage :slight_smile:

Lots of things are possible with enough time and effort. I’m intrigued that the photo shows a monostrut which was only used on the manual XJR version of X300. I assume that this is a photo of an X308 rear suspension, from a car that was neither an XJR or XJ Sport model, so didn’t have a rear anti-roll bar as standard. Nice job.

Correct, I blew the diff on my ‘99 XJR and sourced a complete replacement unit and fabricated this, replaced the unit into the car and went for a wheel alignment.
Passenger side front of wheel arch;

Drivers side rear of wheel arch;

That didn’t work out too well, ended up just moving the pumpkin into my original sub frame, I couldn’t see any deformation in the replacement unit but something was obviously damaged at some point.

Am I being stupid, or are are we looking at the same side of the car in both pictures?

My bad, yes it is the same wheel the photos of the drivers side are on my phone.
I’ll change the notations.