US xj to 7" outer headlighs conversion

US xj to 7" outer headlighs conversion

HI… Are you asking who can supply the parts, or what all is involved or instructions to do it?


I have a stalled project for just that on my bench. Three missing elements.

A. The bezels. I have an older pair of II series units, but in 5" size. Grind to enlarge commenced, but not pleased.

B. The energy. It is a stoop over job, even with the nose of the car on ramps

C. I kinda like the balanced look all the way across. Yes, I am aware that was not the original idea. ,Why., another topic.


Try to find trim rings that do not have the bumps on the sides. Not sure if anyone makes them but I really do not like the look of the rings with the bumps. I know because that’s what I have.