V-12 banks... is the BANK 1 on the (usa) passenger side or driver side?

Hello all,
is the BANK 1 (Cylinders 1-6) of the V-12 on the PORT or STARBOARD side of the engine… USA drivers side or passenger side??
my usa Dodge V-8 has the driver bank ahead of the passenger bank, (same as Jag) and that driver bank is called BANK 1 i the Dodge world.
I am putting in Coil on Plug ignition, no more distributor… and i have conflicting information …

“A Bank” is always on the right, with “B Bank” being on the left, regardless of whether it being a LHD or RHD V12.


All left/right or port/starboard is determined as if sitting in the car looking forward.

The right hand cylinders are “A Bank” (cylinders A1-A6)
The left hand cylinders are “B Bank” (cylinders B1-B6)

B1 and A1 are forwardmost



you guys have any jag documents that show that info? like an owners manual or something? i need it for my records …

A bank is starboard, B bank is port. Always

If these guys say it is so that is entirely enough documentation…
Don’t you have a manual? Get one, they’re useful.

My younger brother, a serious boat person, taught me an easy way to remember which is right and left.

Port and left each have four letters … the orhers don’t.

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never mind… i found a jag sticker …
thanks guys

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Page 04-4 at the very front of my hard copy of the Jaguar XJ-S Repair Operations Manual has the words “A Bank - Right Hand” and “B Bank - Left Hand” as well as throughout the ROM. My hard copy of the XJ-S MY90 Electrical Guide has the A and B bank distinction on the pages related to the Marelli Digital Ignition system.



Or port light on boat is red like port wine…port is where my cabin cruiser steering was on left…and that’s the side I put to the dock (port)… always pass red light to red or green to green …oh this isn’t a boat group…!!?

Depending on whether going upstream, or down…and whether in the USA, or rest of the World.

USA only.

  • Red markers: When transitioning from open waters to inland waters or heading upstream in a river, red markers should be kept on the right side.
  • Green markers: In contrast, green markers should be maintained on the left side during similar maneuvers.

UK navigation buoys and fixed beacons follow the IALA Maritime Buoyage System Region A, with red buoys indicating the port side and green buoys the starboard side when entering from the sea, ensuring international vessels can navigate safely

Apologies for the OT post.

These should all be on your air cleaners, all the info you need… ebay.

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hahaha… my engine looks a bit … uh… non-OEM…

Just curious, what type of distributorless system are you going to use? Edit: I just noticed the electronic throttle bodies as well :sunglasses:

Also, in addition to the ROM (Repair Operations Manual), your should download the PDF of “The Book” a.k.a. “Experience in a Book” by Kirby Palm. The link I think is in the jag-lovers main page, but if you can’t find it, pretty much everyone here can send you a copy :joy:

its a PROTEUS ECU running FOME firmware … it does 12 cyl sequential ignition and injection, and supports 2 ETB’s … it should have been running this week, but i am still “one mistake” away from it running… will keep you updated.

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