V12 Alternator question

Hopefully someone can assist with this alternator question. I have a 1985 Jaguar Vanden Plas V12. I had to replace my alternator as it was no longer charging. I received a rebuilt one , and when switching over the pulley and fan I went to have lunch and when I came back I think I may have mixed up some parts. Stupid me, I also forgot to take a picture. What I’m
Confused about is specifically the order in which the parts go back onto the alternator shaft. I have two spacers (washers) ,each with a woodruff key notch, a fan, the pulley, a lock washer and a nut. The shaft has a woodruff key in it. I suspected only one washer/spacer went back onto the alternator and the other one came with the rebuilt unit, but couldnt remember or be sure. Anyhow, I put it back the shaft in this order (closet to alternator to end of shaft)

  1. Only one spacer
  2. Fan
  3. Pulley
  4. Lock washer
  5. Nut

When I installed the rebuilt one back on my car, I heard a sound from the alternator that suggests it’s bearings are bad. However, before I return it I want to make sure the order of parts on the alternator shaft are correct.

Hopefully someone can help or has an old alternator lagging around

Alternators in general have the same assembly regardless of the make, so it goes> front housing > spacer > fan > pulley > flat washer > lock washer > nut.
did you spin the alternator shaft before you refitted it to hear if it ran smooth & quiet-ish?..often when you replace an alternator it will start to whistle/whine as the new components are being activated…if it doesn’t spin by hand smoothly & it sounds like something is binding recheck assembly.

If the pulley locked to the axle; the only issue is whether the driven alt pulley is aligned with the drive pulley - misaligned, the belt may make noise…

That said; there are ‘rebuilds’ and there are rebuilds - not all are up to scratch…

xj6 85 Sov Europe (UK/NZ)