[v12-engine] Re: CR results

Arnoud wrote:

Is there a way to tell wether the valves are still ok
without removing the heads? Remember I still have a spare HE unit
waiting for me, so if all else fails I’m going to put that in. I
don’t intend to rebuild two heads when there’s an “easy” way out.
I’m already in the proces of removing carbs and covers to find out
what exactly is going on.

If you can make an adapter that allows you to pressurize the cylinders
through the spark plug hole, you can listen at the exhaust pipe and the air
intake for the hissing sound of air escaping. This assumes that the valves
on that cylinder are closed, either by having the piston at TDC on the
compression stroke, or having the camshafts removed.

I suggest that you reconsider doing the engine swap until you know more
about the work that needs to be done. Doing a valve job will probably cost
less than doing an engine swap, especially when you consider the time and
expense of either getting the carbs right or getting the fuel injection
working, not to mention the driveshaft work. Plus, in the end, you will have
a fresh valve job.

You can have a driveshaft shortened by a driveshaft shop. I suppose they
can also lengthen them, if necessary. Everything is possible for enough

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