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Di’s don’t dirty the oil in the same way as IDI’s anyhow, so they don’t have
this problem. The inherent properties of a diesel mean that it’s average
life expentancy is twice that of a petrol too, with maintainance of course.----- Original Message -----
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Jeb wrote:
I have no problem with diesels…I just wouldn’t want to
see one in an
XJ-6…to me, why?

Jeb may not disdain diesels but I do ! Blech! Noisy, smelly,
things. And to think that some people pay several thousand
dollars extra for
the privelege of owning one. I can’t think of one practical
reason to have
one in a passenger car. But, hey, that’s only my crummy opinion.

FWIW, the newest direct-injection diesels are very nice. The practical
reasons for them to be in passenger cars are the very good fuel economy,
and, with the proper oils, very long oil change intervals.

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