[v12-engine] Replacing Front Crankshaft seal with Viton and Dust Shield

Since changing the front crankshaft seal is not a ten
minutes job and didn’t want to have to do it again any time
soon, I decided to go with Viton, much more resistant in
high temperatures and longer life.
Finding it was not that easy but I did.

To make my life easier, I removed the hood, radiator, shroud
and fans, it made all the difference.
Also the radiator was out of harms way.

Taking the pulley and seal out was not hard, it’s all in the
Book and in Bernard Embden’s website.
The trick of jamming the wrench and giving a turn with the
starter to remove the pulley bolt worked miraculously !
The old seal had hardened completely and oil was everywhere…

The only Viton seal I could find was 0.37� wide instead of
This meant that there was a some room left to fit a second
seal, a dust and water shield, so I also purchased a nitrile
spring-less seal 0.25’’ wide that I fitted with the lip
facing out.
There was just enough space and everything fitted nicely.
The second seal did not go all the way in, but just enough.

If anyone is interested I got extras, please contact me off

Thanks the forum for its invaluable help and support.

Aristides Balanos, 1986 XJ V12,VDP - www.e-psychi.com/jaguar
Roussillon, Provence, France
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Left: Original seal
Center: Viton seal
Right: extra nitrile seal / dust and water shield

Viton seal installed

Second seal installed on top (backwards with the seal lip facing out)

Complete with the sleeve installed.

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What’s the idea behind installing a second seal backwards? And why didn’t you use another Viton seal?

The problem was that I couldn’t find a double lip Viton seal with the correct dimensions.
The second seal mounted backwards is to keep water and dirt away.
As you can see from the photo the lip of the second seal sits approx 2mm from the edge of the sleeve. So a narrow springless nitrile seal was the only one that could fit, but being just a dust shield I think it will do it’s job fine for a long time.
I guess one could do without, but since there was space I thought why not give it some extra protection?

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Kinda like wearing two condoms…:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


sorry to reopen this old thread, but it seems to be the most recent I can find :innocent:

according to Jaguar part lists, the front crank seal is the same for all V12 , 5.3L or 6.L, with PN [JLM10613]

but I noticed that SC parts offers a “modern type” front seal (even more expensive) : is this one so much better ? (it seems to include a sleeve for the crank)

@Aristides : could you PM me the place where you got those seals ?
you solution seems to be an valid option to me as I’m in France too