[v12-engine] Vacuum hoses on the LH side

I have been avoiding this. I took a brief look several times and walked away. Now I know why. The picture on the
hood which is the same as this …

is not what is on the V12, LH side. I have gone over this several times and here is what I currently have.

The hose marked ‘?’ requires that I take off the wheel and crack open the chamber housing the charcoal canister. I
don’t know if this will do any good because there are a total of 3, maybe more vacuum hoses coming from that area.
That means I would need another diagram of what that is all about.

From my drawing the only variable is the ‘?’ hose. Does it stay on hose ‘C’ or go over to hose ‘A’.

Down in the left hand bottom corner there are ‘1’ & ‘2’. I don’t believe it makes a difference which way it is
hooked up. Either side should be interchangeable because I can’t see that there is a uni-directional flow to vacuum
through this valve. I presume that ‘A’ is the line to the purge control valve. That leaves my only question being,
‘what is the Purge Pipe’. I’m sure it is not line ‘B’. Line ‘B’ dumps the vapors into the PVC valve thru a ‘T’
with the crank case breather.

Is there any difference whether ‘?’ is hooked to the ‘C’ or the '‘A’ line, performance wise.

Thanks, Paul–
Sonora/CA, 90 XJS-V12 conv, United States
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