[v12-engine] Water Pump, Radiator

Dr. Judson Werbela wrote:

I don’t know how many miles are on your water pump
but that pump seal has 13 years on it for sure.

Thanks for the “heads up” on the pump seal. My water
pump was re-built five or six years ago. The car may
have 25,000 mi. on it since then. I will find the
repair ticket and see what happened back then. I
don’t mind taking the time for some prevention.

While I have all the pieces out I’m de-rusting and
re-painting the fan shrouds and replacing the rubber
bits all around. I retrieved my radiator yesterday
after a re-core and I opted for more fins per inch and
more tubes. The core is a little thicker by about
3/8" to 1/2". The new core doesn’t fit the top and
bottom radiator frame perfectly but it’s all strapped
together and the radiator fits in the car as before;
doesn’t hit the AC condenser and seems to have plenty
of room on the backside for the fan.

Dean Hubbard
Orlando, FL
1988 XJ-S__________________________________________________
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