[v12-engine] X-Type site feedback


Thank you to all who responded to my posting on this matter.

Today I received a message from Global Beach.com that partly solves the

First, they are to launch a new site (adjusted to address the ‘useability
issues’) in February.

Next they assure us not to worry about the code from Keycast.com as they
only use cookies on the Jaguar site and nowhere else! (?)

Naturally, many listers will have questions to ask about this exclusive, one
customer only company that is so anonymous that, to date, we have not been
able to find out much about them, and I think I have asked these in my

Furthermore, I suggested that an alternative be offered to those of us to
whom privacy is an issue and who do not wish to register and be tracked in
order to get at information.

Mark Young
South Africa

“Africa - Not a Continent for sissies!”

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