V12 sounds nice

My new family car is about to be delivered. While I was waiting for it (ordered in August last year) I had the pleasure of driving the Jaguars as daily drivers. I am about to put the V12 into storage and get the 3.2l on the road again.
Before I do this, I thought I’d take a video. The V12 sounds so nice :slightly_smiling_face:

And while we are at it, here is the 3.2l straight six for comparison:


The noise it nice but, actually, I’m more delighted to see someone give their Jaguar the boot. Most are driven as though they’re made of glass :slight_smile:



Where is the fun in that? :laughing:
Theses cars dont have a good suspension and well engineered powerful engines only to be driven slowly :wink:


WAAAAY too muffled…:wink:

Oh, that changed drastically when the right side exhaust fell off :joy:
The kids liked it :slight_smile:

The boot. Yes, indeed. (1994 XJ12 / 28 May 2020). The radiator cracked soon after, so there are side effects.


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Is yours limited to 250km/h?
I had the needle beyond the 260km/h mark, but didn’t dare take a picture at the time.

I’d say it’s self limiting for its own good :laughing:.

It was full throttle and wouldn’t give more. There’s not hardware limiter on these cars.

It took me a bit of a distance to get up to 5900rpm on level ground. Only did that once, usually there is too much traffic to try and do this where I live.