Valet Key

I see there’s been a few postings on keys, so I’d like to post a good
tip that might get someone back into their car if the master key ever
gets locked in the Trunk/Boot like mine did one night, and after calling
4 Locksmiths I realised that even THEY can’t get into the trunk on a
Jaguar, so NEVER lock your keys in a JAGUAR!!..

Well, to make a long story short, we were out one night, and I decided
to use Valet parking, so I gave my keys to my wife, she put them in her
Purse and we LOCKED her purse in the Trunk…shudder I realised what
I had done as soon as I turned the key, the Valet key will LOCK the
Trunk, but won’t UNlock it…

Here’s a way to make the Valet key Unlock your Trunk…

If you compare the Keys side by side, laying them flat, you’ll see that
they both have a “Blade” Running down the side, the only difference as
you’ll see, is that the blade runs about a 1/16" further towards the end
on the Valet key, this prevents the Valet key from going all the way
into the Tumbler,and this prevents the opening of the Trunk…simply
file the blade down to the Diameter of the sides of the key, about 1/16
back in length, and Voila!! you have a Valet key that will open the
Hope nobody ever needs to do this, but you learn by your mistakes

91 Sov…125K.