Vanden Plas Supercharged series one X308 stealth machine

Of the 788 Vanden Plas Supercharged mad in 1998 thru 2002 as the following year model number is confused as they were ordered bespoke I have read. There are supposedly 36 “Original” cars made in 1998. Itis said that these can be found by the lack of any outside nomenclature or clues that they are the $12000 extra over the XJR MSRP supercharged CATS “touring mode” suspension and MBenz transmission. It says supercharged on the engine intake manifolds and in tiny letters at the bottom of the tachometer. Those are the only indications even to the owner-driver that it is Supercharged.

I have been told my November build and December of 1998 shipped NH VDPSC (it’s NH handicap veterans letter plate) is one of the 36. But once, when chatting with Mike at Jaguar records (the loss of my good friend Karen Miller still hurts She and Ed were good friends) Mike said it was something like the 298th one made. That is impossible with it having been made in 1998. Mike also said it was a Chicago car. It was never titled in Illinois just in RI MA and then NH. I think mike must have gotten it confused or incorrectly entered the VIN I doubt that it was ever registered in any of the 3 states Mike mentioned in just the first 6 months in the states. So can someone help me with the VIN number as my sources for such info have dropped their web sites?

Shadow car named after our coal-black (except one single white whisker from birth to 19th-year death) was built in Nov. of 1998 and shipped to the states in Dec. of 1998. Her VIN number is

I had the build totals listed for 98 99 2000 2001 2002 to add up to the 788 of the total run of these VDPSC or XJVSC One of my other plates but changed it to the more common slang description in common used.

Does anyone have a list of the year build numbers and by year built and the VINs for them? I assume or at least consider it most likely that the Jaguar published build numbers listed by year are the year built not the model year. that makes the ones built in 1998 are the original 36. The published numbers are model years 1999 thru 2003. please help me out with this one if anyone can.

In the rest of the world the VDP is known as the daimler. And Daimler Super V8

Is england we have this website :!tax


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