Very important opinion Re: [xj-s] Did I mention

Ok… great and very important.

I suggest that people who want to write such interesting things like:

  • German car and W.W.II
  • Astrology
  • Garbage like below
    writes " Very important opinion" in the Objet field (Subject of

So my message manager will be enable to file such mail directly in my Trash.
It will help me saving a lot of time.

I’ve already 25 mails filter which apply for well “tilteled” xjs mails: so
it’s important for me that you use typical key-words in the titles.

Thanks and sorry for my French way of english writing !

“Time manager” of Pascal DOXARVE
Geneva / Switzerland

Owner of these words
Usual driver of his life
James Dichter a _crit:

Did I mention that I owe a lot of my success in removing the heads to many
of you on the list? Why would I want to piss anyone here of… (maybe one
or two people)

Thanks again…

Oh and to that rather untactful 27 year old young lad… Why do you assume
that since my heads need replacing that I treat my car like shit? Would
you care to share that with the rest of the list Daniel?

James Dichter
1989 Black XJS 5.3 Coupe
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Sorry for the excessive emails… I will stop now…