View web site in mobile format

Hi, just registered and downloaded the app. However iits almost unusable because its in desktop modebrather than mobile. Can you advise how to change from viewing in mobile phone mode?

What kind of phone and browser are you using?

Here is a reply I gave someone else for Android phones

This is what it looks like running on Chrome on my android phone.

I don’t normally run it on a chrome browser on my phone. If you have the forums opened in a browser and click on the three dots in the top right corner you can select “Add to home screen”.

That will put an “app” on your phone and will provide a better interface without the address bar across the top.

I have an android phone which is my most often used method of using the board.

I use the Chrome browser as it is, address bar across the top shows - and no glitches happen.

What phone and android version is running on it?

My phone says Android Version 13.

I got in my work phone iPhone and using Safari this is what I did:

Searched for “Jag lovers forum” which led me to the standard front page of the forums:

There was a pop-up on the header suggesting I download the Discourse Hub (maybe this is app you’re referring to):

This is the forums opened in the discourse hub (not much different than in safari):

If you have the discourse hub app downloaded and need to add the Jag-lovers forum the site address is “”.

A little more:

iPhone with Safari displaying desktop site:

Click on the two As near the address bar:

Then request mobile site from the menu that pops up:

Chrome on iPhone is similar but it’s three dots to access the menu the request mobile site:

Back on Android phone and on the “app” (more of a home screen shortcut) as I mentioned in my first reply.

That remembers your setting for the site if you changed it while in Chrome. As far as I can tell you can’t change it back to the mobile site from the “app/home screen shortcut”, you have to back to Chrome and change the settings in Chrome and deselect the desktop site check box.

With that box selected the “app/home screen shortcut” looks like this which seems to be the worst version possible:

My android, just using Chrome, looks like this.

Thanks for all the replies. When I went looking for ‘add to home screen’ i found ‘desktop site’ which had the boxed ticked, i unticked it and all sorted!

Thanks again