Violent shake when cold, on choke

What Dennis said!
I set the full choke “jet drop” at .200" inches by adjusting the fidgety linkages under the carbs.
So easy to do on the bench. Kinda difficult from under the car.

Yesterday at about 95°F, I realized I had the Rover’s chokes set properly, because I had to use them to start the car. Once it was running for just a minute, I was able to shut it pretty much down.

Lego,where are you located in SoCal…I just went through this and might be able to help,pete in Dana Point

Lego, if Pete will go under the car and adjust the choke linkage…let him.
Buy the beer! Just keep sliding them under the car while you measure up top.

I shake when I’m cold and being choked😱


Thank you all for all your replies. Its gonna take me a few days to digest each one so that I understand what everyone’s saying here. Dennis I see your point and I think thats the starting point. Pete I’m up here in Long Beach so not too far; give me some time to go through the basics first.

I’ve got multiple shop manuals but its still a foreign language to me. The melding of carb, ignition, timing etc. If the car didn’t have a good stable starting point I’d never get it back to square.


Adjusting the “fast idle” setting is much easier than you think. If this is standard triple SU HD8 setup, it sounds like one carb would be at almost zero throttle opening at the fast idle position of the choke lever. That would produce a shaky idle, or just one carb is much more open, either or, easy to check with the air cleaner plenum off by just looking at the throttle plates with a bright light and operating the choke cable / lever. (May require an assistant unless you have really long arms. :slight_smile: )


You should swap out to twin zeniths
They are so much easier :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
As per recent forum chat

I know you’re joking Joey, but I have to say the H and HD SU’s are the easiest carbs I have ever worked with. One evening to rebuild all three!

And after that so easy to get in balance!
Just by ear.



I’m joking
The S U set up is vitually limitless

By the way. The measurements I suggest will take maximum 10 minutes and require only a screwdriver and a set of calipers.

Do contact me if I can help in any way

69 OTS with triple SUs

I have a UniSyn, and I think I last used it about 55 years ago… :slight_smile:

My dad taught me how to use that and showed me how to use a garden hose, and I was always as good with the hose as I was with the UniSyn, and it was easier.

I think I’ll put it on eBait…:grimacing:

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Forgot to says that the 10 minutes check of jet heights also requires an upside down cardboard box with three small holes punched with a screwdriver into it to put the dashpots and pistons on after thing them off the carbs!! The needles go into the holes in the box


I tried the hose method but could not hear things well enough to work with it. Perhaps I worked around jets too much without ear plugs in the '80’s. I am defeated in big crowded restaurants too. I like the Unisyn since it is visual.

68 E-type FHC

That can be an issue! I can still hear good enough in one ear to use it.

If that ear goes…the Rover goes.

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I’ve had good success and ease of use with Synchrometer


I think the Synchrometer is much easier and more precise than the Unisyn. YMMV

It looks to be s better design than a UniSyn…but my garden hose has remained constant-- and widely available!–for 50+ years.


My daughter gave me one of her stethoscopes ……
Hose just as good!:grinning:

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My unisyn is trash and I’ve found a pretty hose now. Do it like they used to recommend in the manuals.