Virgil Caruso xk120 ots racer history

Good Evening All,
I am looking for the earlier history of this xk120 .
I have the log books that transferred it from Virgil Caruso to Tony Barbetto.
While I am steward,
I am looking for any earlier history or stories regarding Caruso and this xk120 and earlier.
Its wuite a car underneath.
Thank you all for any information to help keep this important old racer’s history together.
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@Bob_K1 may have info: I recall that happening!

Thank you for the lead,Paul.


I assume you’ve seen all the info in XKdata XK Data - 660684 - Jaguar XK120, XK140, XK150 information, articles, photos and register

All I could find is a reference of a Mr. A.M. Caruso who attended SCCA National Cumberland Race on May 26, 1956 driving a Jaguar XK 120 with race number 173. Unfortunately, he did not finish the race.

This Jaguar is described as a XK 120 M meaning the engine had the well known engine modifications like improved camshafts etc.

I don’t know whether A.M. is the same person as Virgil Caruso.

Bob K.

Good Afternoon Bob,
Thank you for digging.I found that one too.
An auction not long ago listed Virgil Caruso in the description. A.W. Caruso may have been his father.
Its body tag is april 1954 and has demister vents. chassis stamps are almost illegible top 1/4 or less of numbers but a definitive S at the beginning.
The brass plate with it does not correspond to body/frame numbers.
Here is the auction info with Virgil Caruso mentioned
and his supposed affiliations.
I appreciate the detective work.

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