Vredestein sprint classic tires and colder temperatures?

The bottom picture looks like the cabins at Grants Village in Yellowstone.

Close - cabins at Canyon Village. Probably all the work of one planner/plan.

My mistake. I meant the Cabins at Roosevelt Lodge, North of Canyon Village.

and the “taste police”

My Vreds arrived on Friday. I’ll store them off the car until I know what’s up with the sale of the house. As an aside, I don’t notice any unusual odor such as @Michael_Frank noted.

Today’s weather

Wind gusts up to 70mph.

Ordered mine on Tuesday and got them the following day :flushed:.
All five stacked in the garage and they do stink.

Plenty of snow there. Where are you?

The usual tire smell or something unique?

Dogs do tend to target tires.

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If you walked in the garage not knowing you would not immediately think new tires but after knowing it would make sense…
Its a little unusual smell , built 2-21 so fairly new…

I stacked a set on a tarp in the guest room until needed. Later when they were mounted I removed the tarp to find a nice brown ring in the beige carpet where they has gassed out right thru the tarp.

Never could get that stain completely out though if you raked the carpet just so and had the blinds open it was hard to see.

Moral: Be careful where you put them.

Good to know with a brand new epoxy floor…

Got to be the mold soap or something…Mine was the same…

Yes, possibly the release agent…

Northern NM. East of Taos. 9100’.

That’s what it is to me but still not very noticeable. Unless I have the COVID😳!

Mine will sit on the garage floor while here at the house. If all goes well, they’ll be moved to storage with the car in about six weeks.


Update- I am in the market to replace some aged out Vredestein tires. The old ones have been through many winters of cold storage with no signs of issues. So I contacted Vredestein on their US website if the tire has changed and that is why the cold weather warning.
The response was to ask if my information was from Tire Rack as Tire Rack posts that warning on all summer tires. They then said the Sprint Classic is not an “R” compound tire and so is not affected by cold temperatures. It is a summer tire and should be warmed before using on a track day. But for normal day to day use, the tire is fine for dry cold. It is not a snow or ice tire, but the cold will not damage the tire. After a little more discussion, including me pointing them to this JL thread, I was told they are working on a bulletin to spell this out, but of course, bulletins do take time to get all the needed approvals.
I am hopeful a bulletin will come out in the near future, but I feel confident with this response.


I had some kind of expensive Michelins on my BMW M240i. They were absolutely terrible when the temps dropped below 40°F. I had a set of snow tires mounted on an extra set of rims for that car but sometimes, I’d get caught with the summer tires if we had an unusual cold snap.

I was not aware of needing to keep the tires stored somewhere above 20°F. We rarely get that cold around here but I imagine they had a few night at that temp or lower while in storage. I never noticed a problem.

Thanks for that update Tom. So not a ‘R’ Compound sounds like the definitive attribute. That’s good. It even sounds like it could be a passdown from an Engineer that would know. Additionally, they are aware of the concerns propagated by Tire Rack.

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