Walbro 255 pump went bad - What's an off the shelf alternative?

As the title says - pump went bad - it was whining like crazy for the past few months and then the car started sputtering a bit today under load. Seems like the fuel pump is on it’s way out so I’d like to get one off the shelf and keep driving (without having to wait for internet delivery).

Does any one know a cross reference part for the Walbro 255 fuel pump that I could pick up at Napa or Autozone?



  1. Sure it is the pump and not a clogged filter that is causing the pump to labor ?

  2. Walbro is an old time maker of fuel stuff. Including little carbs for one lung engines.

A oood counter person at Autozone or a NAPA store might recognize it, have one I stock and/or cross reference a replacement.

  1. Any “speed shop” in your neighborhood? Good place to look.

  2. A pick and pull nearby? A similar Jaguar in residence ? Get it’s Bosch. Crossing four fingers and a similar number of toes, the original Bosch in my car does just fine…

  3. Might look and see what “more modern” cars use an inline pump. So many use submerged pump sensors…


I get mine from Summit, delivery in two days or less. I carry a new spare in my trunk and have pre and post pump filters. They are really sensitive to low voltage…confirm you have battery voltage at the pump and the ground is good.

Ground and power is good - pump has been squeaking and squealing for a while now. I actually have the pre pump filters (the little silver ones) and a large post pump filter.

I think i had a kink in the fuel line on the pre pump side for a bit before I fixed it and I think that might have started the pump to decline.

Ordered a couple cheapos off eBay - figure is give them a shot and to help make sure everything is ok before going back to the expensive walbro.

I use a Bosch 044 pump p/n 0 580 254 044 on my Lump LS1 5.7 L engine. Have had no problems in nearly 3 years of continuous running.

Regards Rob