Wanted - 1968 XKE FHC Parts

I’m looking for the following items to get my 68’ FHC back on the road:

  • Rear Exhaust Manifold
  • S2 Intake Manifold Top Cover (P31012)
  • Bonnet Safety Catch (all 3 components)
  • Alternator Heat Shield
  • Shift Knob Locking Cone
  • 5,500 Redline Tachometer

Let me know if you have any of these items and are willing to ship within the US. I know I can buy new from the usuals places but prefer used original parts if possible.


Location: St. George, UT

Contact information: Taylor (435) 632-8641

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I sent you a PM regarding tachometer…

Taylor ,
I have the front and rear exhaust manifold , top cover Alumunion 2 pcs , locking cone ,I’ll have to check on the bonnet latch ,base plate , outside mount and lock .I should have a 5,500 tach.

Shoot me your number, I have found some items but not all so would like to chat and see.