Wanted Brake Pad Supports for 66 S Type

Looking for a set of brake pad supports for 66 S Type disc brakes. part numbers 10097 and 98. If you have a set or know where I can get them please let me know.
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Located in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada.

Gerry Melinko
1 905 935 2855

Those pieces are a real pita. They are fixed by odd sized small screws (Whitworth?) which I replaced with standard, tapped on one end, through bolted on the other. On one of my calipers the ears were broken off these parts, and I had to weld new material on, then file to dimension. I might have a single piece or two - will look. Are you looking for a whole set? They are also used on the 4.2 Mk10/420G rear brakes (fronts are different), so you might want to expand your search to those parts cars - probably have to just buy a set of calipers. The New Zealand/Aussie guys might have them.

Cannot find them anywhere online. You said you might have a couple kicking around. Were you able yo find them? Please let me know.**

Yes, I did find them. I have one loose one, three others attached to a caliper. I suspect the attached ones will be hell to get loose, might need to be drilled out (which I am not interested in doing), so maybe you want to buy the caliper. That would give you two of each. I’ll send you a photo by PM tomorrow or Saturday - out of town most of tomorrow.

Show me an all angle photo of the loose one. I have one broken in half and two with chips out of them. A friend is attempting to repair the chips.

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