WANTED: MK 7 Bucket Seats

Looking for a restorable pair of bucket seats for my 1954 MK 7. These do not have picnic tables as the MK 8, 9 have. Color and leather condition are not important as I will have them redone. I have found they can be shipped individually in a standard box available from U Haul that fits perfectly.

Location: Brockton, MA

Contact information: Please PM me about what you have and we will work out payment and shipping or pickup.

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@Robert_Laughton may have some.

Thanks Paul, but I sold the Mk7 and 9

I’ve obtained one decent restorable MK 7 Bucket seat and a pair of very rough ones that I may be able to make a second seat from. But still looking for one more decent one, anybody out there have one or know of one?

Best regards,
Tom Brady

I do have one spare seat in very reasonable condition. But the snag is I am in the Netherlands (Europe) and I do not think you will cover the transport costs!

Can you send a picture of it and let’s look at what shipping cost would be. I’ve sent seats like these across country to the west coast in boxes from U Haul at not too outrageous prices. Also what is price? Does the screw mechanism work?

Best regards,
Tom Brady

PM replied