Wanted - Non-functional, S1 Otter Switch

Does anyone have a old, dead Otter Switch they’d be willing to part with? I want to try a little experiment, but don’t want to cannibalize a good switch for this.

I’m not sure if there are difference over the years, but the one I would like to find is applicable to a S1 4.2…but honestly, I think any of them should work.

Thank you



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You might be able to locally anneal the three little tabs so nothing breaks off when you put them back together. The saloon/xj switches are identical.

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I’m curious as to whether having the “bulb” protrude into the header tank tube has any flow benefit over the (smaller) Cool Cat sender poking into that hole.

My plan is to remove the “guts”, and adapt the original bulb to work in conjunction with the Cool Cat sender.

I will cut the end off the bulb, so the Cool Cat sender is measuring water temp, and not the air temp inside the bulb. So, I’ll actually be using just the flange and cylindrical portion of the original bulb.

Oh okay. I‘d drill a hole in the bulb and slide it over but have no clue how that would help. If just experimental a copper tube would only look a little less nice but you can’t see it. It’s what I used for my brake level sender. Still bought a new reservoir just because I know how it looks inside so I totally understand you :sweat_smile: