WANTED: Series 3 Fuel Pipes

WANTED: Series 3 XKE Fuel Pipes:
First pipe, C33070 is a Fuel Feed pipe
Second pipe: C33339 is a Fuel Return pipe
Prefer New Old Stock (NOS) but used in near new condition would be considered. Photographs would be very useful
Direct email: OV1pilot@aol.com… Dick Wells


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This won’t help you much, but I just “restored” all my Series III fuel and fuel return lines - blew out the ancient gas, Evaporust rust treatment on pipes, wire wheeled them, sprayed with a rust converter and then painted them with Eastwood white cad paint. They may not be original, but they look really nice.

Good luck with your search.


Hello Rod,

Thanks for the update on your progress. Sorta looks as though I’ll have to visit the local Hydraulics shop and have the made. Was hoping some NOS pipes were still available but so far — nothing.
Good info.



In a message dated 2/2/2024 11:17:12 PM Eastern Standard Time, noreply@jag-lovers.com writes:

Good luck. There are so many bends, and they need to be precisely located because of the clip arrangement used to attach them and route them around the IRS, so to make them you would need a very good pattern to follow. Hopefully you have a set good enough to be used as a pattern.


Thanks Rod, The originals I have, hopefully, can be duplicated. Original shape just a lot of out corrosion from SALT!!! I believe the hard part will be “clocking” the bulkhead fittings and silver soldering them. We’ll see. Fingers crossed.