Wanted: switch (the spring loaded post assembly that closes the circuit when boot is opened) for trunk light 1989 XJ-S

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(Aristides Balanos) #2

Good morning,

I have one of those, if you are still interested I can send you a photo.


(Victoriajag) #3

I am interested. Please send me a photo. I assume I would splice the switch into the wires that connect to the two trunk lights.

(Aristides Balanos) #4

Good morning,

Yes, you can splice the switch into the wires that connect to the two trunk lights, the ground wire would be maybe easier and safer in case the switch misbehaves.
It’s in very good condition, tested and works fine.
I am asking 10 Euros for it.
If you want send me your address so I give you a shipping quote.

Best regards,

(Victoriajag) #5

Gerald J. Brown. 8820 Deer Run Drive. Victoria MN 55386. USA

(Aristides Balanos) #6

Good morning,

Shipping to Victoria will be 8 Euros ($9)
I accept Paypal abalanos@gmail.com


(Victoriajag) #7

Aristides , I have your price (10 EU) and shipping cost (9EU) information, But before I purchase, I would like for you to help me understand what I have and what you have that I need. I have the metal plate with two holes and, of course the fastener screws. I have what I will call a pin, plug or plunger. I have a spring and I have what looks to be a small stainless steel cap or washer. I have a “pin” that, by its size, may be surrounded by the spring. I also have a wire assembly coming from “somewhere” (presumably the battery) that terminates in a part that resembles a rubber spark plug cover with what appears to be wire connectors or contacts inside this part. Now… for what your photo shows: the plate (front side, and I can’t see the connectors on the back side); a plunger or plug that protrudes from the plate with three wires that appear to be connected to the underside of the plate. The other pieces in your photo are two cylindrical parts: one loose and the other that appears to connect to wires. My questions: what are these cylinders? Are the wires on the underside of the plate connected to the plunger? How do these parts relate to what I will call the “spark plug cover” part and what holds all these parts together?

Any information or help you can offer will be appreciated. Jerry

(Aristides Balanos) #8


I am a bit confused… If you can post a picture I might be able to help you more.

It’s just a NC (normally closed) switch, when the plunger is pushed in it breaks the contact between the two wires.
Normally one is connected to ground, the other to the lamps and the lamps to a 12V supply.
The “cylinders” are just rubber covers for the wire connectors.


(Victoriajag) #9

I will send pix that might help understanding. One thing that still baffles me is how the switch assembly attaches . Another thing unclear to me: you reference two wires, but it looks to me there are three wires??? Optical illusion or confusion on my part. Jerry

(Aristides Balanos) #10


The third wire you see is the shadow of the second…!

(Victoriajag) #11

Hopefully the attached photos will help answer my questions about missing parts. You have resolved the two/three wires issue. After taking off the mounting plate I see how the socket is attached to the underside of the plate with four tabs that bend over the plastic socket. My "89 to show we do have summers in Minnesota!


(Victoriajag) #12

Aristides, Did you receive some photos of my boot switch parts? I had some problem sending the pix as attachments to my email, as the file may have been too large. Proof that I am not only mechanically challenged but technology challenged as well.

(Aristides Balanos) #13

No I didn’t Jerry… just photos of your nice car.

(Victoriajag) #14

Aaristides, The photos I will send separately show the underside of the plate and two screws that fasten the plate to the bracket, a spring, plunger and washer ( that may have nothing to do with this switch), along with a US dime for scale. Another pix is what I call a socket ( the plastic receptacle when, installed, is covered with a rubber shield similar to a spark plug jacket). After removing the plate, I see that the receptacle is fastened to the underside of the plate by four tiny tabs which pend over to secure the receptacle. You answered my other question about a 3d wire… a shadow in your pix!! I also think I now understand that the two “cylinders” in your pix are wire connectors, which I would not have to use if I don’t need to cut my wires and attach yours to my circuit. Now : what am I missing? what components are including in your part that I need to make the switch work?

(Victoriajag) #15

Aristides, Another attempt to send to you some pix, described in separate email. Sorry to take up your time. Hope the attached .zip is the group of pix I described. Jerry

(Attachment XJ_S trunk light (1).zip is missing)

(Aristides Balanos) #16

Zip is missing
better send directky to my email?

(Victoriajag) #17

Does this work???

(Attachment XJ_S trunk light (1).zip is missing)

(Aristides Balanos) #18

Nope it doesn’t…

(Aristides Balanos) #19

I got your pictures.
They are all parts of the switch
You put in the plastic part the spring - washer -plunger and lock the metal cover by bending the tabs.