Wanted: XJ12C waist side body molding trim

Looking for the chrome trim, 16 17 18 per the picture.

Part numbers are

I may have them. Please supply lengths

Hi Peter,

I don’t have a set to measure but I think I can give you a good guess.

The door should be just shy of 47” and have a scallop cut out for the door lock.

The rear fender should be much longer, maybe 72”+.

The front fender should be around 48”. The front fender trim is also used on the sedan. I bet it is easy to mix up with the rear sedan trim, which I imagine would be a similar length.

Left and right are different somehow.

Thanks for looking,


I have two pointed trims at 43". I thought they were fronts. I have the chrome strip down the centre of the bonnet and one of the curved chrome lower ‘wiper’ seals for the coupe rear windows.

I’ll send you a PM shortly.