Warning lights, Face-lift 1995 XJS

these pictures show the info regards warning lights across the top of the instrument cluster. Taken from the owners manual


Exactly the info. I was needing for Superblack, Jim. :+1: HOWEVER, I can already see differences between the light bar for your 6.0 ‘96 MY and my 5.3 92’ MY. For example, the “bulb out” warning light is near the left end of the bar on Superblack, whereas it is just the opposite (i.e. near the right end of the bar) on your cat (and on my '94 4.0 - Superblue - as well). :frowning_face: That being the case, I’m not sure I can rely on the test sequence for your cat being the same as what Superblack’s should be. :grimacing: Since I"m going to go ahead and order the c.d. rom with all the XJS info. on it that someone suggested earlier, I will finally have a copy of the Driver’s Handbook for Superblack (and at a LOT less $$ than $599.00 for a used hard copy :money_mouth_face: ) and can go off of that.