We Have Updated our Terms of Service - Please Read

We’ve updated our Terms of Service to now include the following text, under Section 1:

"You must use your real name to register an account. Anonymous accounts are not allowed, nor are accounts registered under a false name. You may not share an account with someone else. Each person using this service should have their own, personal account. Older accounts, created before the move to the Discourse forum software in November of 2016 are not grandfathered under this rule. If you’re using such an older account under a false name or no name, please change your account preferences immediately to reflect your real name. Please note that you are still free to use whichever username you want, as long as the “Name (Your full name)” field is filled out correctly.

If you feel your personal safety could be compromised by using your real name, please apply to one of the admins for permission to use a pseudonym."

You can find the full text of our Terms of Service here:

If you have any questions or concerns about this change in policy, or would like help in changing or adding your full name to your profile, please either reply to this topic or PM (send a personal message) to either @Nick or @Gunnar.

Your continued use of this Website indicates your acceptance of these Terms of Service.

Thank you for understanding!


Thanks, Gunnar: I hope this leads to a continuation of JL as a genteel and gentlemanly place.

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I understand where you are coming from and have absolutely no problem with this.
I have updated my profile already. I do think though, thiat this might lead to fewer new registrations. When I have found a new forum that looks interesting I tend to not use my real name when I first register. After all you don’t know the place yet, and might want to have a look around for a while before disclosing your name. In real life you don’t walk into a room and shout out your name either.

What’s to stop someone from registering and saying their real name is John Lennon, or Richard Kimball?
You don’t need to show a picture ID when you register.

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Well, you could do that. But it wouldn’t be a good start, if the first thing you do is infringe the forum rules.

Well, I didn’t say it was a wise thing to do. I fully support the latest change.

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I’d just like to point out that registration is not needed for browsing the forums and reading the posts (with the exception of the Pub), only when you try to post. If you’re going to post something, we kindly ask that you use your real name.

To follow your analogy, that’s when you’ve circulated through the room for a bit, overheard a conversation here and there, and decide to shake hands, introduce yourself to the other guests, and join the conversation.

And again, if someone has a reasonable fear (or other legitimate problem) with disclosing their identity, feel free to register under an alias and then ask one of the admins for permission to continue to use that alias.

Thanks for the feedback!


True, you can observe things for a while and then register once you are convinced it is worth doing (Jag-lovers definitely is worth it!).
I have come across a lot of forums while searching for something on the web where you can’t view pictures before you have registered. I have shied away from those where you needed to register with your real name. This is probably irrational anyway and also, as you have said, not the case here, as it is possible to see the content before registering.


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